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Billie Eilish is not just phenomenal but she is the one who shows us harsh realities and the dark sides of life. Each song of hers is a punch in our face, slapping us with some nasty truths which we often do not have the courage to face and we end up running away from them. Six Feet Under by Billie Eilish is one of those songs which shows us the pathetic side of a break-up and the devastating and ruinous feelings that we have to go through which can keep us shattered. So here we present to you the Six Feet Under Kalimba letter and number notes. A heart-rending song with some painful verses, this melancholic melody croons about a romance that has expired and how the singer is still hung up on her ex. Playing the Kalimba tabs and chords of Six Feet Under by the beginners and the amateurs won’t be a hassle at all as they are very easy and simple.

Six Feet Under Kalimba Numbers & Tabs

Numbered Notation:
(361°)3° (257)6
(1461°)3° (257)6
(361°)3° (257)5 (146)
(361°)363° (257)256
(1461°)143° (257)256
(361°)363° (257)255
(146)145 61°2°
(361°3°)35°3 (52°)1°1°2°
(461°3°)15°1 (52°)1°1°2°

(361°3°)35°3 (52°)1°1°6
(42°)145 61°3°5°
(46°)145 6(77°)(1°1″)7°6°5°
(61°3°)367 1°3°5°
(46°)145 6(77°)(1°1″)7°6°5°
(61°3°)367 1°5
(146)567 (26)5676

Six Feet Under Kalimba Chords & Letter Notes

Lettered Notation:
(EAC°E°)EG°E (GD°)C°C°D°
(FAC°E°)CG°C (GD°)C°C°D°

(FA°)CFG A(BB°)(C°C”)B°A°G°
(FA°)CFG A(BB°)(C°C”)B°A°G°

Song Credits

Artist: Billie Eilish
Album: Six Feet Under
Released: 2016
Genre: Alternative/Indie

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