Ratatouille Le Festin Kalimba Tabs & Chords | Camille

Ratatouille is one of the finest comedy animated movies ever made. This film was just a masterpiece with an endearing story-line and some really lovable characters. One of the most perfect cinematic experience that you can ever get, the musical scores of this film are also beyond all praise. So here we present to you the easy Le Festin Kalimba tabs and chords of Ratatouille. This French song which is about a feast was penned down by the poetic Michael Giacchino and was sung by the mellifluent Camille Dalmais. The lyrics are quite metaphorical and have a lot of philosophical undertones in them. The music is soothing with a lilting ring to it and has a waltzing vibe about it which will make you relax to it. The Kalimba letter and number notes of Le Festin provided here are simple and perfect for the beginners to master and play on their instrument.

Ratatouille Le Festin Kalimba Tabs & Chords – Numbers

5 3° 2°1°3° 2°1°3° 2°1° 5
5 3° 2°1°5° 2°71°
3°5°3° 2°1°3°2°
3°5°3°5°6° 6°4°2°72°
4°2°67 2°3°1° 351°

Ratatouille Le Festin Kalimba Tabs & Chords – Letters

G E° D°C°E° D°C°E° D°C° G
G E° D°C°G° D°BC°
E°G°E° D°C°E°D°
E°G°E°G°A° A°F°D°BD°


Song Credits

Artist: Camille
Album: Ratatouille
Released: 2007

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