If I Die Young Kalimba Tabs & Chords – The Band Perry (Numbers & Letters)

Death is something devastating. While it relieves some people from the pain and suffering, it is traumatic for the ones who are left behind. Death stops the flow of life for someone but those who mourn the loss of their near ones feel the real grief. So here we present to you the Kalimba tabs and chords of If I die young. This song by Band Perry is a very heart-wrenching melody. The Kalimba notes of this melody are very easy and are of the intermediate level and have been penned down here in the number and letter format. Thus, the beginners and the seasoned players can both play them fluently. We have also covered the Kalimba tabs of Harry Potter theme, Game of thrones kalimba tabs, Shape of you Kalimba Tabs and various other popular kalimba songs which are quite similar to the If I die young Kalimba tabs. Do check them out for more understanding and reference.

If I Die Young Kalimba Tabs & Numbered Notes

Numbered Notation:
53°1° (64) 2°3°2°1°6 (35)
3°2° (72°) 2°2°2° 3°4°3°
3°3°2°1° (72°) 1°3° (3°1°)
2°3°4°3° (72°) 2°2°2°2°
3°2°(1°6) 3°1°63
53°3°1°2°1° 3°4°3°2°1° (64)
3°3°1°(72°) 2°2°2°1° (64)
2°2°1° (72°) 2°2°2°3°2° (1°6)
63° (1°) 663° (572°) 1°
3°1° 556 (35)
53°1° (64) 2°3°2°1°6 (35)
3°2° (72°) 2°2°2° 3°4°3°
3°3°2°1° (72°) 1°3° (1°6)
2°2°1°2° 2°2°2°2° 3°2°3° (1°6)
53° (1°6) 553° (572°) 1°
3° (1°6) 553 (572°)

If I Die Young Kalimba Chords & Letter Notes

Lettered Notation:
GE°C° (AF) D°E°D°C°A (EG)
E°D° (BD°) D°D°D° E°F°E°
E°E°D°C° (BD°) C°E° (E°C°)
D°E°F°E° (BD°) D°D°D°D°
E°D°(C°A) E°C°AE
GE°E°C°D°C° E°F°E°D°C° (AF)
E°E°C°(BD°) D°D°D°C° (AF)
D°D°C° (BD°) D°D°D°E°D° (C°A)
AE° (C°) AAE° (GBD°) C°
GE°C° (AF) D°E°D°C°A (EG)
E°D° (BD°) D°D°D° E°F°E°
E°E°D°C° (BD°) C°E° (C°A)
D°D°C°D° D°D°D°D° E°D°E° (C°A)
GE° (C°A) GGE° (GBD°) C°
E° (C°A) GGE (GBD°)

Song Credits

Artist: The Band Perry
Album: The Band Perry
Released: 2010

If I die young is a soulful rendition with some intensely melancholic and emotional lyrics. Every person who is mourning the loss of someone dear can find themselves relating to this melody. The music is mellow and has a heart- wrenching vibe about it. The video of this number is indeed beautiful and will definitely make you teary for sure. Kimberly Perry’s mellifluous and velvety smooth vocals are just lovely and addictive. It is for her that we keep on listening to this melody on and on. The song harmonizes well with the pensive and the woeful mood.

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